EarCentric Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids EA40

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What life should sound like

The EarCentric EA40 changed the hearing aid industry by proving that real, FDA-registered hearing aids didn't have to cost thousands of dollars. More than 75,000 happy EA40 users love the crisp, clear sound that is allowing them to enjoy conversations once again.

Versatile solution for every lifestyle and budget

The EarCentric EA40 is our most affordable model. But don't let the low price fool you. Tens of thousands of people are hearing clearly thanks to this entry-level model, which packs advanced technology in a small device to deliver crisp and sharp sounds around the world. If you need further help deciding, please contact us now.

Ear Centric Behind-the-ear Hearing Aids EA40 hearing aids

Digital hearing aids delivered to your door

The EarCentric EA40's behind-the-ear design with thin, clear tubing is so discreet it'll be hard for people to even realize you're wearing them.

Comfortable sound all day long

Find the perfect fit and sound with the variety of tubing and domes included with your package.

The medical Grade Materials for Safety and Comfort

The medical-grade casing, tubing, and domes are 100% hypoallergenic for individuals with sensitive skin. Perfect fit for long-term wearing.

The two sound settings cover 80% of all hearing problems

No need for $2,000 custom hearing aids! This hearing aid is suitable for the most common hearing loss types since it has both a "flat loss" option (hearing loss in all frequencies) and a "sloping loss" option (hearing loss in high-frequency).

Try It 30 Days Risk-Free

Ear Centric Behind-the-ear Hearing Aids EA40 hearing aids

Product Features

Puts you in control

User-adjustable volume and 2 program options let you control your hearing in any environment.

Low profile wearing

The tiny body provides a comfortable, secure fit and accentuates the natural sound quality.

Versatile and adjustable

Accommodates hearing loss ranging from mild to significant.

Reduces fatigue

The environmental sound sensing system ensures that background noise doesn't interfere with hearing.

Long operation hours

Powered by size-13 batteries, and the EA40 can easily last for 10-14 days with normal usage on each battery.

Easy to operate

Push to switch between quiet and noisy environments. Your preferred settings are automatically saved, even after replacing the battery.

Get A Hearing Aid For $119 Instead of $1000

EA40 is ideal for...

Having (Crystal) Clear Conversations

Just Talk! Go out and talk to your family and friends! No longer will you need to ask them to raise their voice. Every conversation will be clear as day!

Talking On The Phone

Chat on the Phone Effortlessly hear the person on the other line without any problems or intervention and without driving them up the wall, avoiding repeated conversations.

Watching TV (Without Increasing The Volume)

Watch TV without Turning Up the Volume Is your TV volume set to max, and yet you hear almost nothing? With EA40, that problem is gone. You'll be able to hear the music, the dialogue – everything!


More Features...

Fits Well With Glasses

Comfort hearing No need for a custom fit. The tubes and domes in the box are proven to fit comfortably. Every conversation will be clear as day!

Fits Well With Glasses

A nearly invisible profile A behind-the-ear design with thin, clear tubing is so discreet, people don't realize you're wearing it. The lightweight casing is made of medical grade materials for sensitive skin, so comfortable that sometimes, you don't realize that you're wearing one.

Fits Well With Glasses

Fits Well With Glasses Our hearing aid is designed for a comfortable fit with glasses on and long time wearing.

Need more functionality? Compare all models.

Find a solution that fits your individual hearing loss, lifestyle, budget, and rechargeable power. Experience America's best value hearing aids.


Hearing aids EA40
  • 30-day risk free trial
  • Free Shipping
  • Digital sound processing
  • Rechargeable
  • Wireless App-Controlled
  • Volume booster (optional)
  • Dual Directional Microphones


Best Value
Ear Centric Rechargeable Hearing Aids EX2 hearing aids
  • 30-day risk free trial
  • Free Shipping + Free Return
  • Powerful digital sound processor
  • Rechargeable
  • Wireless App-Controlled
  • Volume booster included
  • Dual Directional Microphones


Linkx Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Aids
  • 30-day risk free trial
  • Free Shipping + Free Return
  • Advanced sound processor Made in USA
  • Rechargeable (optional)
  • Wireless App-Controlled
  • Volume booster included
  • Dual Directional Microphones


Ear Centric Rechargeable Hearing Aids RV4 hearing aids
  • 30-day risk free trial
  • Free Shipping + Free Return
  • Advanced sound processor Made in USA
  • Rechargeable
  • Wireless App-Controlled
  • Volume booster included
  • Dual Directional Microphones

What's the catch? There is none! Here's how we get our prices so low:

Hearing aids business - cut out the middlemen

Cut out the middleman We work directly with the manufacturer.
No sneaky markups by the hearing clinic.
No retail markups.
No hidden fees!

Hearing aids accessories

Same Technology for 90% Less No time-consuming audiologist appointments. Our hearing aids cater to a wide range of hearing problems, from mild to moderately severe. With multiple hearing channels, almost everyone with hearing loss can be helped by our hearing aids! And if you're not one of them, just return it to us within 30 days for your money back guaranteed!

What's Included?

EA40 hearing aids

EarCentric EA40 Hearing Aid Equivalent to $1,000 hearing aid. You save: ~$820 per ear.

EA40 hearing aid Quick Start Kit

Quick Start Kit Comfortable tubes and ear domes, cleaning brushes and tools, and a water resistant carrying case.

EA40 hearing aid Sound Boost Kit

Sound Boost Kit Sound boost kit included for signicant and severe hearing loss.

EA40 hearing aid size-13 hearing aid batteries

Batteries Don't worry about having to buy more batteries. We've included batteries to help you to start your journey of better hearing.

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More Information
Model NumberEA40
Hearing LossMild, Moderate, Significant
FeaturesBattery Powered, 2 Channels, Voice Detection, Noise Reduction, Wind Blocking
Operation Hours10-14 days
Price RangeBudget
Age GroupsAll Ages

   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • How do you detach the earpieces from the body? Manual shows an arrow suggesting to twist in a counter clockwise manner.

    It is super easy! check the diagram below:


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  • How to install/change hearing aid battery/batteries

    Install hearing aid battery in wrong direction may damage the hearing aid and void your warranty. Please watch the short video and learn how to install/change battery.

    Read more

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