Bluetooth Hearing Aids - Linkx - Rechargeable*

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Combine the power of your smartphone with low-profile wireless hearing aids to achieve the optimal hearing experience for your individual profile with just a few easy taps.

Instantly personalize your hearing aids so that life stays loud and clear, year after year, without spending a penny.

Enjoy the rechargeable power without losing the flexibility of disposable batteries, if necessary.

Users love the convenience of having hearing aids they can confidently wear all day and recharge overnight. They also love the flexibility to still use disposable batteries, if necessary.

Each charging kit includes 4x rechargeable zinc batteries (Size-13/P13) and a USB charging station.

EarCentric Bluetooth Hearing Aids Linkx Bundle

How Often Do You Have To Spend Thousands To Change Your Hearing Aids?

Traditionally, if your hearing changes, you may need a new set of hearing aids every other year, costing you thousands in the process. Not anymore! With our revolutionary Bluetooth-enabled Linkx hearing aids, you can simply run the app on your phone, follow the steps, and within a few minutes, re-personalize your hearing aids like new, all without wasting a penny.

EarCentric Bluetooth Hearing Aids Linkx
EarCentric Bluetooth Hearing Aids Linkx

All day reliable hearing with one simple charge

Our mini Rechargeable Kit for Hearing Aids makes the most popular Linkx hearing aids rechargeable. Each battery can be charged/discharged for over 300 times. Simply put the rechargeable batteries in the charger at night, and they will be ready to go in the morning. The mini USB charger comes with LED charging indicator and overcharging protection. It will automatically cut off power when the batteries are fully charged.

Go Rechargeable & Save $100

High Tech Convenience Without Being Tech Savvy

Linkx provides hearing amplification for the most common hearing loss levels: from Noticeable up to Significant. Our hearing aids can be used standalone or along with a mobile app for personalization. The app is designed to be simple so that anyone can use it!

An audiologist in your own pocket

An audiologist in your own pocket. No more office visits

Linkx is like having an audiologist in your own pocket, there for your convenience anytime and anywhere. Take a quick and simple hearing test directly on the mobile app without even having to leave your home.

Once you complete the in-app hearing test, your hearing aids will automatically adjust themselves to create a perfectly personalized hearing experience for you.

EarCentric Bluetooth Hearing Aids Linkx

Free customizer mobile App for personalization
  • Mobile App lets you personalize the device to your specific hearing needs
  • Works with iPhone and Android. You can adjust hearing aids through your mobile device without worrying about the tiny controls on your hearing aids.
  • Preset profiles on your hearing aids also provide easy use right out of the box, no smartphone needed.

Show me how

Complete control in your hands

  • ON/OFF, hearing programs, and volume controls.
  • Activate directional speech enhancement.
  • Enable layered noise reduction.
  • Enable layered noise reduction.
  • Remember hearing programs and optimized volume levels.
  • Reset to manufacturer's default optimization.
  • Hearing data logger.
  • Battery usage and low battery alart.
EarCentric Bluetooth Hearing Aids Linkx - App Control
EarCentric Bluetooth Hearing Aids Linkx - Dual Directional microphones

Improved hearing performance where you need it most

Each Linkx has 2 directional microphones to help distinguish the sounds around you -- the ones you want to hear (like a person talking) and the ones you want to suppress (like background noise). The result? You can have crystal-clear conversations even in the noisiest environments.

Buy A Pair & Save $60

Advanced digital core made in the USA

Each Linkx is equipped with a tiny digital computer core to detect and amplify human voices and suppress noise, all within milli seconds. It is the same chip used in hearing aids that audiologists are charging thousands of dollars for.

  • "All Around" for One-on-One conversations, Music, and TV
  • "Restaurant" or Noisy Situations
  • "Traffic" or Extreme Noise
  • "Outdoor" Ambient Noise
EarCentric Bluetooth Hearing Aids Linkx - 4 preset Programs
EarCentric Bluetooth Hearing Aids Linkx - highly discreet low profile

Smaller, Sleeker Designs

Linkx comes in a slim and stylish BTE (behind the ear) design. Available in 2 different colors, they are lightweight, nearly invisible, and extremely discreet, fitting perfectly even with glasses.

Buy A Pair & Save $60

Linkx is ideal for...

wireless hearing aids with mobile app

Customizing Your Hearing With the mobile app, you can customize the hearing aid for your unique hearing loss (on each ear independently) to get the best experience. It's like an audiologist in your pocket, anytime, anywhere!

Take on an Active Life

Take on an Active Life A dynamic life means you'll be wide-open to different levels of sounds. This hearing aid fits a wide variety of environments, so that wherever you travel, you will be able to hear!

Hearing In Noisy Environments

Hear Everywhere With the 4 optimization settings, dual directional microphones, and 4 channels digital processor, your hearing will be improved no matter where you are: at home, watching a movie, eating at a restaurant, or working out at the gym.

Watching TV (Without Increasing The Volume)

Watch TV without Turning Up the Volume Is your TV volume set to max, and yet you hear almost nothing? With RV4, that problem is gone. You'll be able to hear the music, the dialogue – everything!

Having (Crystal) Clear Conversations

Just Talk! Go out and talk to your family and friends! No longer will you need to ask them to raise their voice. Every conversation will be clear as day!

Talking On The Phone

Chat on the Phone Effortlessly hear the person on the other line without any problems or intervention and without driving them up the wall, avoiding repeated conversations.

Small size low profile

Peace of Mind Made of medical grade materials. Discreet, lightweight design for long time wearing.

Fits Well With Glasses

Fits Well With Glasses hearing aid is designed for a comfortable fit with glasses on without causing whistling.

Free shipping Free Return

Peace of Mind Free shipping, free return, 30-day 100% money back guarantee with lifetime support.

What's Included?

Linkx hearing aids

Wireless Linkx Hearing Aid Equivalent to $4,000 hearing aid. Plus free mobile app.

EA40 hearing aid Quick Start Kit

Quick Start Kit Comfortable tubes and ear domes, cleaning brushes and tools, and a water resistant carrying case.

EA40 hearing aid Sound Boost Kit

Sound Boost Kit Sound boost kit included for signicant and severe hearing loss.

EA40 hearing aid size-13 hearing aid batteries

Batteries Don't worry about having to buy more batteries. We've included batteries to help you to start your journey of better hearing.

Linkx hearing aid size-13 hearing aid batteries Rechargeable Kit

Rechargeable Kit* Rechargeable kit (optional) makes Linkx hearing aids rechargeable. Charging overnight for all day hearing while enjoy flexibility of still using disposable batteries.

What's the catch? There is none! Here's how we get our prices so low:

Hearing aids business - cut out the middlemen

Cut out the middleman We work directly with the manufacturer.
No sneaky markups by the hearing clinic
No retail markups
No hidden fees!

Hearing aids accessories

Same Technology for 90% Less No time-consuming audiologist appointments. Our hearing aids cater to a wide range of hearing problems, from mild to moderately severe. With multiple hearing channels, almost everyone with hearing loss can be helped by our hearing aids! And if you're not one of them, just return it to us within 30 days for your money back guaranteed!

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More Information
Model NumberLINKX
Hearing LossMild, Moderate, Significant, Severe
FeaturesBattery Powered, Rechargeable, App, Programmable, Bluetooth, 4 Channels, Voice Detection, Directional Microphones, Dual Microphones, Noise Reduction, Feedback Blocking
Operation Hours7-10 days of normal use
Price RangeBest Value, Advanced
Age GroupsAll Ages
More Features
Technical Data
Peak OSPL 90(dB SPL) 122
HFA OSPL 90(dB SPL) 111
Peak Gain(dB) 38
HFA full on Gain(dB) 29
Total Harmonic Distort:  
   500Hz(%) 3.0
   800Hz(%) 3.0
   1600Hz(%) 3.0
EQ Input Noise(dB) 32
Battery Current(mA) 2.3

   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Will these work with profound hearing lose?

    Yes. They do. They have optional "Sound Boost Kits" that can be used for severe to profound hearing loss. You can find the kits here.

    Read more

  • How do you detach the earpieces from the body? Manual shows an arrow suggesting to twist in a counter clockwise manner.

    It is super easy! check the diagram below:


    Read more

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