Rechargeable Kit for Hearing Aids - 4x Size-13 rechargeable NI-MH P13 Hearing Aid Batteries with a Mini Charger

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No more buying hearing aid batteries! This charging kit with size-13 rechargeable batteries will save you money and time.

Includes: 4 Size-13/P13 rechargeable zinc batteries, a mini charging station, a USB cable

Making the Change to Rechargeable is Easy

The award-winning EarCentric Rechargeable Kit for Hearing Aids makes many of today's most popular hearing aids rechargeable. The Rechargeable System consists of 4x rechargeable zinc batteries (Size-13/P13) and a charging station.

Users love the convenience of having hearing aids they can confidently wear all day and recharge overnight. They also love the flexibility to still use disposable batteries, if necessary.

In short, EarCentric rechargeable kit enables the design of safer and more compact products, while elevating the customer experience, bringing the convenience of rechargeable hearing aids to more users.

Each battery can be charged/discharged for over 300 times. Simply put the rechargeable batteries in the charger at night, and they will be ready to go in the morning. The mini USB charger comes with LED charging indicator and overcharging protection. It will automatically cut off power when the batteries are fully charged.

Note: Please do NOT charge any other batteries.

EarCentric Bluetooth Hearing Aids Linkx Charging Kit
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FeaturesUSB Charging Kit

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  • How do you detach the earpieces from the body? Manual shows an arrow suggesting to twist in a counter clockwise manner.

    It is super easy! check the diagram below:


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