Proper care and cleaning of completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids

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Your hearing aid vendor will provide detailed instructions on how you can clean and maintain your hearing aids and can give you recommendations to the EarCentric cleaning kits and accessories.

Sensitive electronic parts can be damaged by solvents and water. After removing the hearing aids, wipe them off with a dry, soft cloth. (In case your hearing aids gets into contact with solvents or water, wipe them off immediately with a dry, soft cloth.

Check your hearing aids and ear pieces for any moisture or wax buildup on a daily basis and clean as needed. Use a cleaning brush provided. Cleanse the hearing aids starting from top to bottom to avoid having earwax and other small particles from getting in the hearing aids.

In case the volume decreases, there may be a block in the earwax filter. Either change the earwax filter or consult with your hearing aid vendor.

Important for Completely-in-Canal hearing aids

Since the electronic parts are built-in the earpiece (shell), the hearing aids are more prone to earwax damage, dirt, and moisture.

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